Welcome to Pizzazz

Pizzazz is a baton, poms and dance studio that offers performance and competition opportunities for children 3-18. At the Pizzazz Dance Studio, it is our goal to prepare our students for a successful future that will allow them opportunities to gain qualities that last a lifetime! Pom, baton and dance all provide a well-rounded experiences that include self-confidence, teamwork, dance technique, flexibility, exercise, music awareness, ambidexterity, and hand-eye coordination.

Participation in Pizzazz offers many opportunities in to perform for large crowds throughout the year. All Team levels participate in a number of local performances. Examples include:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Games
  • High School Basketball Games
  • Cleveland Gladiator Indoor Arena Football
  • Lake Erie Crushers Games
  • Local Nursing Homes

Competitive level teams also compete in July at the following events the International dance/pom at the Canton Civic Center in Canton, Ohio and the National dance/pom at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana.

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